As I have just reached 10,000 followers, I think a BIG giveaway is due! As those of you who have been around since my 2500 giveaway will know, I like giving away DVD’s.

The Rules

  • This is a giveaway for followers, so you must be following.
  • Reblog to enter, likes will not count.
  • It will close when the Season 2 DVD is released in the US
  • I will make this date very clear to everyone
  • Please if you have any questions message me, all new info will go in “10kgiveaway” tag on my blog.

Time for the business end

  • 1x DVD of Hannibal Season Two (will make sure it’s your region)
  • 1x Hannibal related goodie bag (not organs, promise)
  • 1x Framed Print from boardingtheark x

More prizes will be added when note goals are hit cos it’s fun.



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“Those are the directors?” This question, delivered as a scoff, came from the man sitting behind me as the directors of the Etheria Film Night shorts program walked to the stage of Hollywood’s Egyptian theater for a Q&A. His disbelief that the roster of young women seated at the front of the screening room could be the creators of such diverse, violent, and funny work underscored the reason Etheria Film Night exists in the first place.

Keep an Eye Out for These Five New Women-Directed Horror and Action Films | Bitch Media

OMG, these actually sound really good, and I am a total horror wuss.

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Yes, motherfucker, THOSE ARE THE DIRECTORS.

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Imagine Hannibal Lector going down a slide and not once breaking eye contact w/ you. 

I’m picturing a spiral slide, so he has to whip his head dramatically to keep eye contact

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Evening Post: August 12, 1899.
"She immediately alighted, caught hold of the astonished youth, and gave him a sound thrashing, using her fists in a scientific fashion…”

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